Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ Is Risen Form The Dead ! ! ! !

Christ is Risen from the Dead.

Christ is risen from the dead
He is risen as He said!
Never, since the heavens rang
With the song angels sang
On the morning of His birth,
Had such gladness come to earth;
Quickly were the tidings spread:
Christ in risen from the dead!

Gone the garden agony,
Dreadful death of Calvary,
Gone the hours of hopeless gloom
While He lingered in the tomb;
Like the waking, did it seem,
From a terrifying dream
Now what rapturous joy instead:
Christ is risen from the dead!

Christian brothers, shout and sing
Death has lost its ancient sting!
Christ, the crucified before,
Is alive for ever more!
Grave, where is thy victory now?
See the light upon His brow!
Empty, see, the stony bed;
Christ is risen from the dead!

Heirs of glory, thru His grace,
Tears be dried from every face!
Be your hearts no longer sad,
On this Easter day be glad!
Faith and hope are not in vain
You are born to live again!
Every soul be comforted;
Christ is risen from the dead!

Written by Thomas O. Chisholm, 1866 - 1960.

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