Friday, June 3, 2011



   Though your days be dark and clouded,
Eyes red with grief and crying;
Life with pain and suffering shrouded,
To move through life you are trying.
Wishing to forget because of the pain,
Wishing not to because of the memories;
At Christ’s feet shed tears are lain.
You may feel helpless and full of grief;
Dark and angry clouds covering your sky,
Searching for a sign of hope and relief,
To get by on your own strength you may try;
An effort such as that will only fail,
To find hope you have but to look to Christ,
He will carry and guide you along your trail.
Your look on life do not let this mar;
For earth is but a temporary place,
He who you have lost is not lost and not far.
On Christ’s knee gazing into His smiling face,
Those that see Christ’s glorious face are few,
You sometime may be chosen to follow;
Then in Christ’s face will gaze he and you.

 Written by my brother.

This poem is for a family that had lost their 8 month old baby boy.


Krissy said...

Great poem! I will be praying for their family.

Alexis Mae said...

That's a really neat poem!! :) I will also pray for that family!

Madison said...

Great job, Josh! I love it!