Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tea cups

Here are some pictures of tea cups that I took while my Mama was reading our Mystery of History, Vol.II for school. Aren't tea cups pretty? Yes, I was paying attention as well.


Reilly Clan 13 said...

very pretty, I also like tea cups

Constitution Girl said...

Oh, those are cute! I seem to remember taking pictures of those teacups....... *wink* :D They are lovely. I love tea cups.

Ana Belen said...

love your pictures! Also the ones of the bees! And your playlist is great. ( actually, I listened to a couple songs before looking at the post, not that I couldn't do both, but... anyway.)

Elizabeth said...

Lovely tea cups! I love them. I wish that I could collect them but I don't have the space right now. :(