Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day!!!!!!!!!!

We had a wonderful day today, we did a play at our church and after much work we were quite pleased with the results.
What do you all do for Resurrection Day?

Some pictures that were taken sometime last year.


Dolly Madison said...

We went over to my grandpa's house and brought some 'easter picnic food' with us. :) It was good. I hope it blessed him. Poor fellow! He does need prayer. I can't imagine how hard my grandma's death is to him.

The pictures are lovely....I'm sure it was even more pretty in person!

Michaela said...

Beautiful pics!

We went to Whidbey Island the day before Easter to visit my grandparents, and aunt, uncle, and cousins. On Easter after church we had my dad's brother and family over as well as our grandma. We had a ton of fun both days! Wasn't the weather wonderful to celebrate Christ's reserection?