Saturday, June 1, 2013

Songs Without Words Op. 19 No. 4

Here is a song that I have learned and memorized for my upcoming piano recital. I am really excited and I wanted to share the song with you all.

Songs Without Words by Mendelssohn - played by Barenboin.

Barenboin plays it faster than me, but this is the only version I liked.


Dolly Madison said...

Oh, that's so pretty!! You'll have to play this one for me next time we see you. :) I have a violin recital on the 8th, and unlike previous years, I'm looking forward to it, though I still need to get a few spots smoothed out.

Your piano playing is so lovely....I wish I could hear it more often. :)

Maria said...

That's so fun; I have a recital on the 9th!
Thank you for your kind words, I can't wait to play it for you either.

Dolly Madison said...

Oh really? Well! :D I guess we'll have to play our recital pieces for each other next time we see you! Maybe I can even convince you to learn the piano part of mine so we can play it together. :D

Michaela said...

Wait a minute. My piano recital was on the 8th! I guess that was the weekend for recitals.