Monday, January 27, 2014

His Everlasting Goodness.

During July of 2012, we were driving home in our camper from a great couple of days with friends. Suddenly, our camper was giving us problems. Well, I don't like to be on the side of the road, so I began praying. After waiting for a couple of hours, we were able to resume driving and headed home safely. On the way home, we saw such an incredible sunset that my brother and I had to capture what our eyes were seeing. God reminded me that He is the creator, in control and watches over His people at all times. I felt a reassurance as I watched His handiwork in the sky. Only He could grant me a beautiful sunset after praying for His help with a malfunctioning camper hours away from home. 

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Dolly Madison said...

That's beautiful. Isn't God so kind?