Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Sayings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poems and Sayings for the 4th of July.

One Flag, One Land, One Heart, One Hand,
One Nation Evermore!
                -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Our Flag

It speaks in steadfast color:
The red, the white, the blue;
It tells us what to honor:
The brave, the pure, the true.

It graces its staff with beauty,
Enlivens the languid air;
It drapes our country's heroes
And wafts a graveside prayer.

It guards our home of worship
And crowns our courts and schools,
Proclaming the law of liberty,
The heart of freedom's rules.

We stand at grave attention
To salute our nation's pride,
Our flag of cherished history
For which dear sons have died.
                           -Bessie H. Hartling

Our Flag Forever

Stand behind the flag,
Wherever it might be,
For it flies as a symbol
Representing you and me.

Down through all the ages
Of peace or bitter strife,
The tricolered badge of America
Has reigned over death and life.

Let it always instill courage,
Upholding freedom's dream;
And when the world dismays,
Let it shine a guiding beam.

May America be blessed,
As from the days gone by;
May her people stand with pride
And the flag forever fly.
                            -Evelyn Steen Taylor

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Anonymous said...

My grandmother, Evelyn, passed away 3 years ago today. It is nice to see that some of her poetry has made its way to the internet. Maybe one day we'll get her entire book posted.