Thursday, November 28, 2013

~Happy Thanksgiving~

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope each of you have a blessed day.
Below is a picture that my youngest sister took, also there is write up by J. Mark Fox.

  “Gratitude to the Pilgrims for Obeying the Lord”
Men of courage and women of honor,                                                      
Children wide-eyed with excitement,
A journey of 65 days across the Atlantic,
One crewman and one passenger lost, One baby, Oceanus, born.
The Pilgrims landed and the new world was forever changed.
A brutal winter brought sickness and death,
The spring came none too soon,
And found the weary Pilgrims nearly cut in half, 46 were gone.
The Wampanoag Indians came in spring and taught the Pilgrims how to plant and fish and live, and God rekindled hope.
With harvest time, the Pilgrims rejoiced, and asked their new friends to come and share,     
Massasoit and 90 of his people, came and feasted for three days.
The Governor led the Pilgrims in giving thanks to God for His providential care, and the colony bowed their heads.
O God our help in ages past,
We stand in debt to the Pilgrims for their courage to come and their faith to stay,
For their Compact of laws that laid a foundation, for their zeal to teach and reach the lost.
We give thanks today, O Lord, and we commit our lives again to You. Though the path ahead may bring suffering or death,
give us Pilgrim courage and faith to stay in the Plymouth place where You have planted us,
With hope that does not disappoint and love that never fails.
Real Life Moments by J. Mark Fox

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