Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Cup Song

Hello everyone,
This year I learned the cup song. I know there are different songs you can sing while clapping and tapping your cup, but the group called Maccabeats does it the best.
Below are the words that they are singing in hebrew. A friend of mine provided the translation in english.

D'ror yikra l'ven im bat, v'yintzorchem k'mo vavat, n'im shimchem v'lo yushbat, sh'vu v'nuchu b'yom shabbat.
D'rosh navi v'ulami, v'ot yesha aseh imi, n'ta sorek b'toch karmi, she'e shavat b'nei ami.
D'roch purah b'toch batzrah, v'gam bavel asher gavrah, n'totz tzarai b'af v'evrah, sh'ma koli b'yom ekra.
Elohim ten b'midbar har, hadas shitah b'rosh tidhar, v'lamazhir v'lanizhar, sh'lomim ten k'mei nahar.
Hadoch kamai, el kanah, b'mog levav uvamginah, v'narchiv peh unmalenah, l'shonenu l'cha rinah.
D'eh chochmah l'nafshecha, v'hi cheter l'roshecha, n'tzor mitzvat k'doshecha, sh'mor shabbat kodshecha.

Deror Yikra - Freedom
Dunash ben Labrat, Fez-Baghdad-Sfarad, 10th Century

Freedom shall He proclaim for His sons and daughters and will keep you as the apple of his eye
Pleasant is your name and will not cease to be repose and rest on the Sabbath day
Seek my home and my temple and give me a sign of deliverance
Plant a choice vine in my vineyard turn to the need of my people

Tread the wine-press in Botzra and also Babylon who overpowered
Crush my enemies in anger and fury hear my voice on the day I call out
Lord, let the dessert bloom like a mountain myrtle, acacia, cypress and elm
To those who counsel and to those who are cautious give peace as owing as a river’s waters
Conquer those who rise against me, Oh zealous God ll their hearts with fear and despair
en we shall open our mouths and ll our tongues with Your joyful song
Know wisdom for your soul and it shall be a crown upon your head
Keep the commandment of your Holy One observe the Sabbath, your sacred day.

The Maccabeats - Cup (D'ror Yikra)