Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Choosing A Name

Choosing A Name

I have got a new - born sister
I was nigh the first that kissed her.
When the nursing - woman brought her
To Papa, his infant daughter,
How Papa's dear eyes did glisten!
She will shortly be to christen!
And Papa has made the offer,
I shall have the naming of her.
Now I wander what would please her,
Charlotte, Julia, or Louisa?
Ann and Mary, they're to common;
Joan's too formal for a woman;
Jane a prettier name beside;
But we had a Jane that died.
Edith's pretty, but that looks
Better in an old English book;
Ellen's left off long ago;
Blanche is out of fashion now.
None that I have named as yet
Are so good as Margaret.
Emily is neat and fine;
What do you think of Caroline?
How to choose or think of next!
I am in a little fever
Lest the name that I should give her
Should disgrace her or defame her;
I will leave Papa to name her.

The Victorian Nursery Companion by Charles and Mary Lamb (1809)

A good name is to be more desired than great wealth . . . Proverbs 22.1

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Madison said...

That's cute! Someday when I have to name my own children I hope I will be better prepared than that, though. ;) For me, boy names abound, and I think I will have to have about fourteen boys so I can use all my names, but I have only about four girl names that I like. :D So I see the dilemma.......